GeoDiffusion: Text-Prompted Geometric Control for Object Detection Data Generation

1Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2Huawei Noah's Ark Lab,
3Nanjing University, 4Tsinghua University
(*Equal contribution. Corresponding author. )

(Left) GeoDiffusion supports various geometric condtions (bboxes & camera views) with a unified architecture. (Right) GeoDiffusion-generated images can be beneficial for object detector training.


Diffusion models have attracted significant attention due to remarkable create contention ability. However, the usage of diffusion models to generate high-quality object detection data remains an underexplored area, where not only the image-level perceptual quality but also geometric conditions such as bounding boxes and camera views are essential.

We propose GeoDiffusion, a simple framework that flexibly translates various geometric conditions into text prompts and empower the pre-trained text-to-image (T2I) diffusion models for high-quality detection data generation. Unlike previous methods, our GeoDiffusion can encode not only bounding boxes but also extra geometric conditions such as camera views in self-driving scenes.

This is the very first work to adopt diffusion models for layout-to-image generation with geometric conditions and show L2I-generated images can be beneficial for improving object detectors.

3D Geometric Controls

Camera View Control

Domain Adapation


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